FAQ: What is AutoAssist Plus?

New Zealand's roads can often be treacherous, in no small part due to the country's changeable weather. Consequently, there'll come a time when even the most accomplished and experienced driver runs into trouble.

Furthermore, when mechanical issues are to blame, any vehicle can be kept off the road for hours or even days at a time, severely limiting its effectiveness and potentially harming the profits of the business it belongs to.

Save time, keep things simple

Having a safety net in place in the event of any mishaps is, of course, invaluable. Fortunately, AutoAssist Plus is here to help.

As an ancillary benefit of using a fuel card from CardSmart, AutoAssist Plus makes keeping your fleet out on the road and in the best of health incredibly simple. With payments charged monthly to your CardSmart account, drivers have the freedom to get problems fixed as quickly as possible, with the billing kept simple.

Backed up with thorough support

AutoAssist Plus is backed by the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), so you can be safe in the knowledge that any mechanical issues that arise are being seen to and fixed by experts. Moreover, thanks to a partnership with Thrifty, AutoAssist Plus offers a free one day per year rental car if any problems prove to be a little more persistent.

Personalised cover

There are two options for any AutoAssist Plus membership. Firstly, you can tie the card to yourself and, where reasonable, receive coverage regardless of the vehicle you're driving. Secondly, you can ensure that the benefits are felt per vehicle, no matter who gets behind the wheel.

Both offer flexibility, and either would be a great choice for fleet managers looking into ways to ensure that their vehicles stay safe and healthy across New Zealand's highways.