How does the Shell Card streamline your fleet management?
Quality Fuels
Drivers are spoilt for choice with a selection of premium fuels to suit most vehicles including: Shell V-Power, Shell Premium 98, Shell Unleaded 95, Shell Unleaded 91 and Shell Diesel.
Shell are one of the fastest growing networks in the country. Your drivers are covered at more than 1,300 locations across Australia.
Fraud Protection
Your Shell Card is protected with anti-fraud technology including alerts, purchase control settings, and personalisation including individual PIN numbers and cards embossed with a vehicle number or a driver’s name.
Flexible payment options give you greater control over cash flow. The Shell Card offers a low monthly card fee of only $2.50 per card.
Earn Rewards
Every Shell Card earns flybuys points at any Shell Coles Express site. These points can be redeemed for a range of rewards.
No more lost fuel receipts – with one monthly invoice. Streamline your fleet budget process and save time.
Shell Card benefit

Your Shell Card will reduce your administration time and costs for streamlined business fuel management.

With 24/7 access to your online account track purchases, manage how your fuel cards are used and much more.

Shell Card is more than a fuel card with over 50 years experience and a network of 1,250 locations – including an extensive network of truck-friendly locations.

Fuel Site Locator
Your Shell Card is accepted at every location on the map! Follow these steps to find your closest fuel site.
Sign up with a Shell Card for streamlined fleet expenses
Tap into one of Australia’s largest fuel networks and enjoy special discounts and offers.
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