Why should you become a Fleet Card Merchant?

Fleet Card customers rely on their card to pay for all their “life on the road” necessities. This includes fuel, oil, service maintenance, repairs, tyres, smash repairs, auto electrical, windscreens, car wash and other vehicle-related expenses. As an approved Merchant you become a chosen supplier to thousands of cardholders.

Reach a new audience
Access our national database of card holders who are incentivised to choose your brand.
Increased sales
Increased foot traffic and sales with thousands of card holders will be directed to seek out your brand.
Simplified Statements
Our easy to understand statements will streamline reconciliation of transactions.
User-friendly online facilities
Get help whenever you need with 24 hour online support.
Direct credit guarantee
Fleet Card handles the payment process for no-hassel bank deposits.
How to join?
Access thousands of card holders across Australia and enjoy increased brand recall, foot traffic, sales and supplier support.
Merchant Program
Become a recognised Fleet Card Merchant to access our national database of customers.
Please contact our Merchant Services Team for any questions you may have – they are available to help you!
If you are ready to join our Fleet Card Merchant Program, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.
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Are you an automotive merchant? We offer the 1link Service Network to streamline the transaction process and allow for faster payments. Merchants can simply upload the work they wish to complete online for quick project approval. This will mean less time chasing invoices and more time doing what you do best. With the user-friendly dashboard, you will have greater visibility over past and current jobs to reduce your manual overheads and gain greater control over your cash flow.

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