FAQ: How do I stay in contact with CardLink?

What drives today's business world? Is it an insatiable appetite to boost profit? Knowing that you're leaving all rivals in your wake? Or is it relationships with customers? At CardLink, we can appreciate all three but have more than an eye on the latter.

Opening up channels for regular communication not only helps us get a better understanding of our customers' needs, but it also ensures any minor issues are ironed out as soon as possible. We're hugely committed to customer service, but how exactly can you stay in touch?

Sales and applications

For potential customers, our sales and applications team are ready and able to help. Available by email, phone or fax, we have a dedicated workforce who can deal with enquiries and answer questions about the early days of getting a CardSmart account up and running.

If you're not one for talking over the phone – or simply don't have the time – we have an online portal that can set you on the path to securing your new fuel cards.

Customer support

We appreciate that the business world is ever-evolving by nature, and changes can happen at any time. Consequently, we recognise that there needs to be a dedicated system for our existing customers to amend their accounts or find solutions to any problems. Enter our customer support features.

You can get through to one of our representatives 24/7 via email, meaning that any queries or issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

We understand that it's the role of the business owner and fleet manager to ensure their vehicles stay up and running out on New Zealand's roads. After all, if your company gets tied up with administration, output can suffer.

Thanks to our dedicated teams that are ready to field any enquiries, we're here to help.