Cut the clutter: Can you run all your fleet telematics through one solution?

Vehicle telematics have grown to prominence over the past few years. After all, if fleet managers can find a way to better the output and productivity of their drivers, then the wider business will likely profit.

The most complex systems can now measure everything from tyre pressure and engine diagnostics to driver alertness. However, finding one solution that does everything is relatively difficult.

More fleet managers are having to implement a number of different devices to collate the data they need most. This is not only time consuming, but it can also prove to be an expensive endeavour as new and improved telematics systems constantly hit the market. 

The complete package

Consequently, finding one, streamlined solution should be a priority for fleet managers.

A company called International Telematics believes it has the answer. Its iBright DRIVE telematics application is an end-to-end system that collates a plethora of information.

"Our objective was to develop a solution that ensured real-time communications into and out of the cab, while reducing complexity and minimising distraction for the driver," explained International Telematics CEO Guy Colglazier.

The product was tried and tested on roads across New Zealand, as well as highways in the US. Currently, it's a downloadable asset that can be twinned with any Android device, meaning that fleet managers won't have to implement any new, overly complex system in their back offices.

More on the specifications of the new application can be found via this tweet from Fleet News Daily:

The application works alongside the iBright eRUC – a device that can relay road user charges back to the New Zealand Transport Agency. Again, this can make vehicle management that much easier. 

When the authorities carry out vehicle inspections, they can complete the process more quickly as all of the information is stored digitally, leaving drivers with more time to stay out on the road. 

Understanding performance

The iBright Drive application has the ability to boost driver productivity, too. By tapping into car, van or truck diagnostics, it can give drivers direct feedback on how their vehicles are performing, including emissions, tyres and engine output information.

Then, fleet managers can assess reports to see where there's room for improvement. For instance, economy figures need to be closely watched to ensure that drivers are getting the most from each tank, every time they fill up with their fuel cards.

Ultimately, any fleet telematics system will prove useful to fleet managers. However, those that have been designed, tested and perfected with the New Zealand market as a focus are far from commonplace. Consequently, the iBright Drive application may well go on to carve out a successful niche.